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Beauty Whitening Series

The Merope ultrasonic shovel instrument has a freckle removing and shiny skin instrument with high frequency oscillation of supersonic wave, which can make the skin cells vibrate, soften the tissue, remove the aging horniness and obstruct the pore oil scale and residual makeup, make the excess oil discharged, not easily long acne and acne, by the high frequency of supersonic wave. Energy conversion, improve the loop of local blood and lymph, enhance the interface activity of the product, decompose the pigment in the pigmented area, desalination the black spot, improve the metabolism and regenerative ability of the tissue, enhance the permeability of the fine pores, and make the skin rich in gloss and elasticity.

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Home beauty instrument

1, intelligent induction start. Once touch, it starts.
2, take integration with the hot trend + high frequency micro vibration + ion, with skin care products, has a strong skin care effect, every day radiant, skin muscle full and elastic.
3, specially designed function selection circle to meet different skin care needs.
4, high technology iontophoresis technology will guide the skin essence to the bottom of the muscle, activate the skin cells and smooth the trace of the years.
5, high frequency massage with 158 times per second, activate dermal fibroblasts, increase collagen and repair elastic fibers.
6, massage head with heat energy, it is heated at constant temperature of 42 degrees or 3 degrees, arousing the sleeping skin and making the skin compact and glossy.
7, massage head adopts oblique mouth design, closely adhered to the skin, and has no dead angle in all directions for pulling and massaging. The parts of the nose, the corners of the mouth, and other parts of the mouth also enjoy nourishment.

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  1. Super post kochana 😘

    Zapraszam, jestem tu nowa 😢

  2. Super post kochana 😘

    Zapraszam, jestem tu nowa 😢


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