czwartek, 9 marca 2017


Hello my sweeties :3

Today, I would present you two of the best stories in internet StyleWe and just fashion now . 

StyleWe is an online store selling individual designers' clothes to customers mainly from US. The online shop is dedicated to create a shopping community featuring independent fashion designers.

"They have a great collection and an equally well-designed website which makes it a treat to shop with them. The only part they have to take care off is the delivery of products. It is always better to for them to give a date beyond the estimated delivery date if they are not able to do it right, they have a cushion to fall back on. But all in all, it was a great experience to shop with StyleWe, and I would definitely go back shortly."

I felt in love with knitted sweaters from StyleWe :

The second online store is just fashion now. Please check the fanstasitc t-shirts!
You will love it !

I hope I encourage you to visit this sites !


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  1. Biały sweterek-przepiękny ! Masz świetny gust :)

    Byłoby mi bardzo miło, jeśli w wolnej chwili byś do mnie zajrzała:


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