niedziela, 23 października 2016

Hello Dear! :)
Although summer is behind us and now we managed to get used to the routine of school, but sometimes resorted thoughts in a wonderful holiday! :)
October for me this time, once you think about last summer already, once at Christmas, that's too equal to two months. Oh, runs this time, runs incredibly 3
Today, I'd like to tell you about shop source
Quoting portal

"Both Polish and foreign celebrities eager to praise your holiday in the network. For Instagram still further by posting photos documenting their travels in exotic countries, rest in luxury resorts and swimming in private pools.
This year, the hit on the holiday photos of stars are inflatable mattresses in a variety of shapes. Anna Mucha recently boasted photo inflated donucie, Sandra Kubicka floating on a unicorn, and Marina Luczenko during our honeymoon enjoyed a flaming. Jessica while Mercedes showed pictures from Italy, which poses the inflatable piece of pizza. "

So, to just blown gadgets swept resorts around the world daly lot of Fanu on vacation!
I think there is among us a person who does not ever basked in such dmuchańcu :)
Small thing and enjoys. Without this funny gadget some celebrities not imagined holiday trips. Having blown the mattress was the absolute duty of every acquainted with the trends of celebrities. Star flexing the big, inflatable unicorns, swans or giant buds, and floated them on the exotic seas and pools of exclusive villas. This toy looks impressive, but not the cheapest. For the fashionable air mattress because you have to pay almost $ 400!
Cool plażing. With the advent of new fashion swimsuit model and round beach towel also change seasonal accessories and add-ons. Often they are the proverbial "dot the i" absolute "must have", which completes the styling. This year the beaches or instagramowe postcards were dominated by blown accessories for water. Nothing more grown to love social media from appetizing, tanned women on inflatable accessories-giants
Pink flamingo. The hit became a "big strap" - such as flaming or swan, which, like fairy-tale creatures give tours on the paradise waters of their respective owners. Birds giants are only part of the holiday zoo that you can take with you. Unicorn, pegasus, donut or other sweets is part of the summer on the beaches of proposals that perfectly can be used not only on water but also on land.
But in addition to such a "pink flamingo" I would like to draw your attention to page:
There is just a great offer: source : 

If you are interesting in it,you should check this link : Red Dot & Blue Bubble Ball

If you like jumping and you can swimming you will be enjoying with water game!

     So, if you have to known more informations,please check : source

Zachęcam do odwiedzenia tej strony i zapoznania się z jej ofertą, choćby dla powspominania sobie wakacyjnych wrażeń :3


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  1. Jaka to musi być fajna zabawa :D

  2. Fajna taka zabawa :)
    Mogłabyś kliknąć w linki w najnowszym poście ? Dzięki ;*

  3. Chętnie pobawiłabym się w takich piłkach haha.

    mój blog :)

  4. Gzieś już tą strone widziałam, wydaje się dość ciekawa
    blog ->klik


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